Sunday, May 20, 2012

Neutrals with a splash of Color

It Sunday...again. Every week I tell my mom that I'm so sad it's Monday already and every week I get the same response, "Brittany, why are you surprised, it comes every week". Yeah, yeah {insert eye roll}. I had a fantastic weekend filled with running the Color Run {The happiest 5K for real!} with Molly Kreeger of Molly Kreeger Photography. Pictures and video are below. I feel like we were pretty dedicated to getting ourselves covered in color! I followed the run {along with a little stubborn color that wouldn't come off} with a fabulous night out in Chicago going to a Yacht Rock Party {yes you heard me right, google it} on a roof top and then a little bottle service down town for a friends birthday. I'm still standing today and even helped the hubby paint the fence {seriously, I's STILL not freakin' done!}. 

The outfit below is a favorite for the office for me and seeing as I had A LOT of color yesterday, I figured I will give a little love to neutrals. I love that I can wear it on Friday's on warmer days and still have the jacket to cover up at the office but not completely DIE when walking across the HUGE parking lot to my car {I'm always hot}. And the hat...I just thought it was fun. Enjoy!



{Color Throw after the Color Run Racine, WI}


Top: kld signature. Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad (similar here), Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad. Shoes: ELLE. Fedora: Urban (similar here), Necklace: Vintage, Bracelets: Kate Mesta {actually a necklace!} H&M. Ring: La Vie Parisienne, Watch: Coach (similar here)


  1. Great outfit! I love the hat!

  2. Cute! Love the top and bracelet (necklace). Wish I could buy into the whole blazer thing, but I can't. I feel like I am playing dress up.
    Did u know there is a color run in sept in MKE?

    1. I did hear that they are doing one in MKE. I'm excited. We were saying we should get a big group to do it.

      I can't believe you don't like blazers, they are the easiest piece of clothing I have to wear!

  3. I don't run but a color run sounds fun! I like your blazer by the way!



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