Thursday, May 24, 2012

Instagram blast

I'm on instagram and you should follow...{mentally trying to make you cave to peer pressure}. 

This was suppose to be a outfit post, but a moody, over tired husband messed that up {sigh}. I think husbands are just training wheels for kids :P I better start getting used to using the timer on the camera at this rate! He says it's not normal to take pictures of outfits {coming from the man with more pictures of his cars, motorcycles, then well...people} Maybe the neighbors want to see my fabulous outfits too :) {haha}

Hoping to get some great shots in Montreal and Toronto this next week on vacation {note to self - befriend hot french speaking photographer}. I really should start packing {eek}. 


{new mint lovely just added to my collection from a fabulous friend}


{a girl can dream...}

{favorite men - Marc and Louis}

{wayfarers and red lips - can't go wrong}
{working on it}

{work - where I spend most of my time creating sweaters to buy at your friendly neighborhood Kohl's}


  1. Oh, I lokve the Louis too. Awesome bags.

    p.s.: great blog


  2. Love this pictures ! I'm in love with Your bracelets ! Kiss x


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