Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Lace Dress

Gotta love a dress that you can pair with a blazer and wear to work and then also wear out at night. I pair a lot of things with my suit coat {who wears suits to work anymore?!} and just roll up the sleeves to make it less, boring {grin}. What's your favorite things to wear with your suit coat?

Dress: Hazel. Suit Coat: Tahari. Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad. Sunnies: Coach. Necklace: Vintage. Bracelet: F21, Tres Belle Boutique, vintage. Rings: Vintage, La Vie Parisienne 


  1. Looks beautiful! Also, I updated my blog with wear I purchased my outfit! Must have posted in a daze and forgot to! Thanks for the reminder:)

    xo Taylor

  2. lovely outfit! wanting this coach necklace. xx


  3. What a gorgeous dress - you look SO pretty, and love that blazer!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. this dress is so pretty! you look great!

  5. Love your bloggggy!! That lace dress is fantastic! And you looook gorgeous!!!
    WOWOWO!!!! And your answers below for people who are losing weight and what to wear are brilliant! And love your monogram Louis bag!! All around awesomeness going on here!
    xo Big kiss
    Beckerman Girls

  6. Love the whole look and that lace dress is AMAZING!

  7. you look sooooooooo beautiful!!
    The dress is gorgeous, love it! :)


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