Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Printed Pants Party...

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I ran a half marathon, went to the north woods on vacation with the family {Shopping, good food, DIY projects, and lots of Olympic swimming watching - I might be crushing a little :P }, made it to my 2 year wedding anniversary, planned a girls trip to Vegas in October, went dancing with my girls in Chicago {Hello 4am and recovery of 2 days...I'm getting...I can't say it!}, and have been catching up at work {So much for it being my slow's been crazy}

I'm alive and well, just keep running out of time to blog {Excuses I know, you can hate me.} But here we go. While I love to vacation "Up North" I always stick out like a sore thumb {At least according to a certain person who will remain nameless, but I still stand by the point that I looked pretty darn good on the back of a motorcycle with pink lipstick thank you!}, but that's OK, who says you can't look cute while hanging out with locals who think camo is always on trend?! Hopefully they were a little inspired because look who finally caved and got a pair of printed pants {grins and points to self} this girl. Find out more about getting prints into your wardrobe here :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their week and thank goodness it's FINALLY almost Friday!

 Top: KLD Signature. Tank: H&M. Pants: LC Lauren Conrad. Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad. Bracelets: JCrew {Rhinestone links and Yellow}, Vintage, La Vie Parisienne. Sunnies: Rayban. Handbag: LV Mon Monogram Speedy


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