Friday, June 22, 2012

A Little Country

The weekend is upon us and I'm headed to the country this weekend. It's the hubby's 10 year reunion and back to the corn fields we go!

I took this picture last weekend in the corn fields that my husbands family owns. I married into a corn dynasty, and I'm a corn snob, what can I say. Their's is the best! Check it out here.
I found these shorts at Kohl's last weekend and couldn't wait to wear them. I have a strong disliking for my legs, so any shorts that come even close to looking good on have to be bought! You will see me in a lot of ankle pants and dresses in the summer to hide those bad boys! 

I paired these short with my clearance {Yay, extra 30% off sale @ JCrew for $7!} v-neck slub tank from JCrew. These tanks are amaz-balls {Yes, my hubby and I quote G&B all the time!}. I love that all those years your mom told you things didn't match, now I can just look at people and say, "I'm color blocking" and sound super cool {grin}. I also started wearing coobie colored bras under tanks because if Miley Cyrus can show off her cute colored bras, so can I. :P

If you don't feel like you can pull off the color blocking, this can easily be paired with a white tank top {stay away from a ribbed one, go for the jersey} and a pair of flip flops and sans the hat {which is super cool and yes you can wear them, promise}. That way your shorts will be the talking point if you don't like to go all out like I do :) I've learned to just shrug my shoulders when people ask about my outfit and own it. If that doesn't work, I tell them I work in "fashion" and get the knowing nod {grin}. They can think I'm crazy, because at least I know I'm better dressed {kidding...}. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


Top: JCrew. Shorts: JLO. Bag: FEED by Tory Burch. Shoes: Target. Fedora: Urban {Old}. Hair tie: Emi Jay. Ring: Simons. Bracelet: Vintage, Olivia's, LC Lauren Conrad, Simons.


  1. lovely look :)


  2. It is a fabulous color-block look, sweetie! Love the shorts on you, and you've got great legs :) I find myself having to explain my fashion choices all the time, like, why I'm wearing socks with sandals, why I'm wearing ultra-sheer tops, etc. I just tell them it's my thing, or I'm a blogger..HAHA, I notice we get really good at shrugging off critiques :)

    Great post!
    - Che

  3. Wow, what a pretty post and I love all the photos in the field. I hope you have a good time at your hubby's reunion and those are great tips about color blocking. You look beautiful and I like the colors you chose for this outfit. Following you now

    xo From San Francisco ~

    1. Thanks for the sweet comments Dale! Love your blog!

  4. GREAT BAG!!



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