Thursday, June 14, 2012

Instagram blast 2

So I'm pretty excited that it's Thursday and my outfit is super cute today {sad I know!} We are headed to the Harley Davidson bike night after work at the museum downtown {where I most definitely will stick out like a sore thumb!}. For anyone who knows about Harley and Milwaukee, you can only imagine how many people come out. It's usually a good time {I go mostly for drinks {duh!}, food, and well, who doesn't want to ride on the back of a motor cycle?!} Don't worry, outfit pictures will happen BEFORE I get on the back of the bike {grin}. 

I just realized that it's been a little while since I posted some instagram pictures and since I'm out of outfit pictures until this afternoon...I figured I would share some of my favorites. And yes, I'm TOTALLY turning into that girl that says "Oh, I could instagram that". Oops :) 

Sneak peak at my outfit today :) Love my little giraffe! {post to come!}

New addition to the wardrobe from @Tres Belle Boutique
A little Paris Fashion. J'adore Paris.
#vintage bike in Lake Geneva
New scarf from #Forever21. Yes, I'm the girl who paid more in Montreal for something I could get in the states. The hubs rolled his eyes, but you can never be too careful at that store. I didn't want to miss out :)
Arm candy!
{Grin} I can't wait to use this bad boy. I'm waiting to see how many people realize what it says :P
Louis and Diana taking in the view at #Niagara Falls
Love my #dianamini en rose. She is so cute.
New Status print from @ Editorial boutique in Montreal. {post to come}

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  1. Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me parece muy interesante! Los looks que he ojeado me han encantado, te sigo ^^
    Me he enamorado de la foto de las pulseras!

    Un besito desde Mimundolowcost.


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