Friday, April 20, 2012

How to: Vintage Clothing

Wow it's been an insane week. I can't believe it's Friday already! I guess that's what happens when your "real" job is at the peak of your busy season! 

In honor of me hoping to find some fabulous finds this week at the Randolf Vintage market here is a little how to on buying vintage clothes. I mean, what if you just happen to stumble upon some fabulous vintage store and you are not prepared (scary, I know!!) Enjoy and look for some fabulous posts on our Facebook page tomorrow!

Measurements: It's the number one thing to know. Clothing sizes, especially for women's clothing has changed drastically over the years. Clothes ran much smaller 50 years ago, so don't be surprised if your normally a 4 and that size 8 fits, it's OK don't panic!

Make sure you have your basic measurements either memorized or written down. For all you online shoppers you should already be a pro at this! Bust, hips, natural waist, inseam should keep you covered. 

Dressing Rooms: When shopping vintage markets, a lot of times there are not places to try things on like at vintage stores. Make sure to wear clothing that you can easily try things on over. I usually go for jeans which I can slip skirts over and a tank/cami that I can put tops over. It's very likely you will see people trying things on beside you as you dig through the rack. If in doubt, ask the vendor if they mind you trying it on. 

Cash is King: There is a lot of technology (hello iPad credit card app that e-mails or text me my receipt!) but a lot of vendors still don't accept credit cards. Also, it's a lot easier to negotiate when you have cash in hand, i.e. I'm sorry sir I would buy both, but I only have $20 left (make sure to give your best smile). 

Know your budget: Just because it's old, it doesn't mean it's cheap. There are a lot of designer pieces that still cost a hefty some. Don't get caught up in the excitement and buy items you don't feel comfortable wearing just because it's a designer name. Think about how you will wear it. Be sure to shop around, some vendors will be very over priced and you might be able to find similar things from other vendors.

Quality: Make sure before you purchase your new vintage item you take a good look over it. Check the seams for damage. Normal wear is fine, but make sure if there are any holes, they are at the seam where they can be repaired. Look for any noticeable stains as well. Does the stain look like it's been there for years? It will probably be hard to get out. Be sure you are 100% sure you can get it out or it doesn't bother you before buying a stained piece. 

Wear it: Be sure to mix your "new" vintage piece with actual new items. You don't want to wear head to toe vintage because you will literally look like you just fell out of the 60s or any other time period you decide is more your "style". I like to wear my pleated vintage skirt, with a white ribbed tank and my black leather bomber jacket. Make sure you have an open mind and play with your outfit. Don't feel comfortable, rework it until you love it. 

And remember, whenever you wear something vintage, it will stand out, so own it, and get ready to answer "it's vintage" like it's nothing when someone asks where your fabulous piece is from...because that's the best part after all!

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