Friday, April 27, 2012

How To: Looking Great while Losing Weight

I've been on a diet or thinking about going on a diet for as long as I can remember. Being in the fashion industry, I'm constantly surrounded by fabulously dressed people with equally fabulous bodies. Jerks.

I think the #1 thing I LOVE about fashion is how it makes me feel. There is nothing better than putting together a perfect outfit and getting compliments all day helping you forget why you ever doubted that you can look good and had those nagging insecurities.

Recently a reader reached out to me who is currently in the process of losing weight and hating her wardrobe. I get it. You don't want to invest in clothing because you are still losing weight, but you don't feel good about yourself even though you've made some huge accomplishments toward your goal. No worries, I'm a total pro at this (and my closet would agree!)

#1: Key items
Remember that expensive suit that is too big, the dress you spent way to much money on for that wedding? Keep them. Items that you still love and were an investment can be tailored once you get to goal weight. Need it now? Get it tailored now and then tailor it again when you go down in size. Most tailoring will be much cheaper then buying a new quality key item.

#2: Disposable Fashion
I've spoken about it before, but (insert cringe) Forever21 and H&M, TJMaxx are the best place to pick up pieces that you only want to wear a couple times. These items will keep your wardrobe fresh and new without breaking the bank. Prepare yourself as if you are going in for a search and rescue mission, because sometimes you walk out with a lot and sometimes nothing. I suggest going early in the morning if possible, Forever21 actually is spotless in the morning (I didn't believe my eyes until I saw it for myself!)

Top and Tank from F21 for under $20

#3 Coupon Savvy
Get on mailing lists, sign up for coupons, search for discount codes, if you do your research and plan, you almost never have to pay full price. Kohl's for instance, use that Kohl's cash, on a early bird special with your 30% off my husband tells me "it's practically free" ;)

#4 Clearance Racks
Most department store mark down items that are still relevant for a month or two before in order to make room for new merchandise. Lucky you, you only need these items for that amount of time until you will be another size :)

#5 Know Your Body
I have an hour glass figure and I lose weight in my hips and thighs, but not much in my top area so I'm able to stay pretty size consistent for my tops so I invest in more tops then bottoms when losing weight. Think about the last week at work and the people you work right next to, what did they wear? Exactly, no clue. Most people don't pay close attention to bottoms, so wear them a couple times. Especially dress pants and jeans. Buy just enough to get you to your next size.

#6 Belt it
When in doubt, belt it...and I mean your top. Oversized tops are in fashion (yay!) so grab a belt and wrap it around that slightly large button up or blouse and show off that new tiny natural waist! You don't even need to invest in a new belt yet, just wrap it around your waist and tie it in a knot.

#7 Skirts are a girls best friend. 
Skirts, especially long ones cover everything and fit a lot longer than tailored pants. I hate my lower half, hence why you always see me in dresses and skirts in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and who am I kidding even Winter seasons! Maxis are very in style right now so you can find they everywhere and cheap. They pair great with tanks, v-neck tees, blouses, you name it. 

Have a great tip for weight loss and fashion? Share them below!

{Photo Credits: Side walk ready, Atlantic-Pacific}


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