Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hats off to you

I've always loved hats. I had a secret obsession for "I Love Lucy" when I was younger and always promised I would bring them back into style one day. Lucy always looked so fabulous in her hat with the netting, even if she had to hide them from Ricky! 
As a lover of fashion, I look at hats as another fun accessory (yes I'm the girl that STILL is trying to get glasses because I just feel like I'm missing out on the trends). But it's unbelievable how many people won't even think twice about trying one on, let alone buying a hat. Thankfully hats have come back into the limelight thanks to a little known girl named Kate Middleton (You might know her?). 

Fedoras are one of the easiest hats to find and wear in the market right now. With spring and summer quickly approaching you can find a basic straw fedora almost anywhere. Fedoras can be worn in so many ways, you won't even think twice about making the investment. Fedoras pair back great with dresses, swimsuits, jeans and a blazer...honestly, you can't mess this one up :)
Shop these hats! HERE!

Channeling our inner Hollywood Glam :)
I love me a Grace Hat :)
Vancouver, (w/short hair!) sporting my knit hat
Vintage for Tres Belle Boutique's parade float

My favorite hat and me @Discovery World,  Milwaukee WI

At Baker House in Lake Geneva, WI. You wear hats during dinner, LOVE!


  1. Who's that girl with you in the black hat in the first pic? She looks both beautiful and incredibly stylish.


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