Saturday, March 3, 2012


In case you haven't noticed, color is EVERYWHERE right now. Being in the industry its definitely been fun listening to everyone's reactions. My favorite has been "seriously, that's so 80's" and OK they are right, but come on, there were some pretty fabulous thing in the 80s... OK I'm still working on these but color is one of them :)

Ways to wear color:
1. Own it - seriously who cares, it's fun, new, and completely takes your mind off the winter weather. Plus it's not like you will be the only person wearing the hottest trend right now

2. Wear it back to a neutral - make sure your pops of color have a neutral in the stripe, or you layer your top with a grey, black, tan, white, etc color. This makes it easier for all you beginners.
3. Pick top or bottom - Colored bottoms are all the rage, so this is an option if you can't find a top you love.
4. Start slow - Maybe its bright jewelry, or a hair accessory. As soon as you start getting compliments (and you will), you are going to go from dipping your toes in to cannon balling off the high dive into color :)
5. Don't be afraid to get noticed - I swear that means you look fantastic and wearing bright colors WILL get you noticed :) So practice that cat walk, put your head up high and own it.

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